Monday, 30 April 2012

SharePoint 2010 : CAML Designer Beta Version Launched

CAML lovers….finally much awaited CAML Designer beta version has been launched….it is SharePoint 2010 version of CAML Builder with lots of improvements, new functionalities…you will love it.

Having SharePoint to Linq provider feature in SharePoint 2010 and its ability to generate CAML, I doubted future of CAML builder. But after seeing the CAML Designer beta version and its supported functionalities, now I am left with no doubts that it will be a big hit again. Three cheers for Karine Bosch and Andy Van Steenbergen for their efforts towards SharePoint community.

Some of the eye catching improvements than its predecessor:
  • UI support for ViewFields
  • UI support for QueryOptions – remember the difficulties querying folders…you are blessed now
  • It generate code snippets for different object models including list.asmx web service and REST.
  • Improved new look
Download the CAML Designer beta version from to explore it by yourself.

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