Sunday, 29 July 2012

SharePoint 2013 Preview Installation Done

I fall in the category of the people who starts digging the well when they are thirsty….well but not this time…while everyone trying to explore the new features in SharePoint 2013, I also decided to be proactive and have created a virtual machine with SP 2013 preview installation. This time, I won’t be waiting for getting allocated a SP 2013 project to learn and explore it.

I can smell the excitement brought by release of SP 2013 preview in SharePoint world…all bloggers have jumped onto that and have already written so many posts…couple of them helped me in installation, overcoming problem of being disconnected to internet….

Initially I tried installing it with myself and got the error in figure 1… which got solved after installing the Prerequisiteinstaller.exe with arguments by the process mentioned in above posts.

Figure 1: SP 2013 Preview setup error

I got lots of issues but below two ones took me long to figure it out…
1.       Prerequisite installer asks to restart the machine by clicking the Finish button… don’t do that…instead press Cancel button…and then manually restart…After restart start the prerequisite installer again by running the batch file… I overlooked this instruction and ended up in infinite loop of machine boot up.
2.       Prerequisite Installer opens WcfDataServices.exe and expects us to click on run button for installing it…I clicked cancel and setup got hanged for more than 1 hour.

Few things I done for the first time…like creating a virtual machine, installing SP without internet…had something to learn….

Exploring and learning new features in the SP 2013 should keep me busy for few months…I am sure, especially social networking features will give me hard time….being a nonsocial guy I always stayed away from all social networking sites… so not much accustomed with social networking concepts/ terminologies… I will need to know them now…

Anyways there are two things happened in last two weeks
1.       I got another award…Feather in my Cap in my company
2.       I started monthly fasting…In last 3 years, I have done fasting for almost half year

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